Frequently Asked Questions

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

We have surveyed for each position’s annual salary, as well as the vehicle allowance it receives.

There are more than 20 job titles included in the dataset. The most population are City Manager, Deputy / Assistant City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk/Secretary, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Public Works Director, City Engineer, Planning / Development Director, Economic Development Director, Parks and Recreation Director, Library Director, and more. 

Local Government Executive Compensation Report will be emailed to you within 24 hours as a PDF. 

The City Manager Contract Analysis Report will be available by March 31st and will be delivered as a PDF as well. 

The Proprietary Analysis of Your City’s Compensation Plan will be delivered within seven days after your order via email as a PDF.

Please contact us at for more details on how we can work together.

Yes, contact us for a comprehensive review of our other services, which include compensation analytics. Contact us at bradley@citycompensation.comto start a conversation on your needs.

We surveyed each city that has a population more than 20,000 in all 50 states. We have more than 1,000 responses in the dataset with more than 12,000 department head positions included. The responsive cities collectively serve more than 75,000,000 residents.

Surveys were conducted in July 2023 – November 2023. 

The next collection of surveys will be conducted between May – July 2024 and available within the Fall 2024 Report by September 2024. 

Contact me for an emailed invoice and we will process the order upon receipt of a paper check or ACS payment.

Of course. You can purchase the products on our order page, or you can contact us at for a custom report.

You can review the Table of Contents below to get a better understanding of the various sections of the Spring 2024 Compensation Report.