About Ford Insights

Helping City Managers around America be better and look brilliant.

My Mission

To become a key part of how your success in managing your city, your life, and your drive.

My Story

As a local government executive with about 20 years of experience, including 15 as a department head or City Manager, I know it can get hard to keep your energy up and remain effective.

I am creating products and delivering services that are born out of the key problems or opportunities in my career. 

For instance, the City Manager Contract Report was born out of my own journey to go from the 35th highest paid City Manager in Texas to be the 5th highest paid.

This was only possible due to hard work, a great City Council, a high-performing City staff, and because I researched to understand what my peers were making. This effort was the predecessor to my first product, City Compensation.

Future products will include a solution to revolutionize a city’s ability to recruit the best candidates. It will offer the largest database of local government executive data and bring that data to a searchable data visualization tool. 

The recruiting tool will allow cities and executive recruiters to search for potential candidates based on their salaries, demographics, career history, and our proprietary candidate categorization method. This tool will be available by Summer 2024.

Our Services

Our current services include compensation reporting and analytics. In the future, we will bring additional services such as City Manager coaching, as well as economic development services.

Our Brands and Products